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Progressive executive leader, operational strategist, and trusted advisor with rapid career progression and record sound financial guidance in complex settings demanding keen business acumen. Driver for financial and operational efficiency who establishes core metrics that optimize team performance and maximize capital position. Technology savvy to improve innovation goals.


October 2017

Supporting the governing body and senior management in making decisions and facilitating the understanding of performance of organizational functions and units.  Oversee the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization including: organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, reports to funding agencies, development and monitoring of organizational and contracts budgets.

Asset and liability management, managing risk in relation to setting and achieving the organization’s objectives, and implementing and monitoring effective internal controls.  Ensuring relevant and useful internal and external business reporting. (Deltek, Vision/Vantagepoint).  Balancing short-term concerns and pressures, such as managing cash, liquidity, and profitability, and long-term vision and sustainable organizational success.

Sharing strategic leadership responsibilities with the CEO and other senior managers and ensuring the F&A function supports the business at a strategic level. Engaging and communicating effectively with colleagues, investors, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other internal and external stakeholders.  Oversee business insurance plans and health care coverage analysis.


September 2008 to March 2017

Prepare financial statements and provide analysis to Board of Directors and partners. (Deltek, Vision).  Create, coordinate, and evaluate the financial programs and supporting information systems of the company to include budgeting, tax planning, real estate, and conservation of assets.  Oversee the approval and processing of revenue, expenditure, and position control documents, department budgets, mass salary updates, ledger, and account maintenance and data entry.

Develop and implement finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures.  Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards.  Develop and direct the implementation of strategic business and/or operational plans, projects,

programs, and systems.  Analyze cash flow, cost controls, and expenses to guide business leaders. Analyze financial statements to pinpoint potential weak areas.  Establish and implement short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and

operating procedures.  Oversee Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, and Information Technology


Financial Experience: Experience
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