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Diversity comes in several forms, (1) how an individual handles a diverse population of students in a classroom, (2) how an individual diversifies the use of the classroom through teaching methods and materials, (3) what is the personal background and experience of the individual and the interaction with students and (4) looking beyond the classroom; how the individual supports diversity in a growing and diverse culture, among other faculty, staff, administration, and community. All aspects of diversity support the values of the individual and how the educational community will perceive their reflection.

Diverse Student Population

In the last ten years of teaching, the majority of my students have come from diverse backgrounds of race, ethnicity, age, multi-cultural and multi-national backgrounds, and sexual orientation. The absolute main goal of mine is to focus on student learning and outcomes and incorporate diverse backgrounds into the classroom discussions, which enhance the learning of students, as they are able to relate to personal examples. Incorporating diversity into the classroom is about respect and providing a safe atmosphere for all individuals to learn equally and to their full potential. It is my performance and role as an educational leader to ensure students are able to participate and share their experiences in the classroom and not face discrimination or misrepresentation of who they are.

Classroom Diversification

The days of textbooks, chalkboards, and 90 minutes of lecturing are no longer the acceptable teaching methods of today’s learners. Students learn and progress in various ways; from listening, to visual, and kinesthetic interactions. It is my goal to have students utilize their textbooks as research guides, not their only source of information. Textbooks supply the theory, but they do not provide the application. It is my role to take 20 years of corporate executive experience and share my results, both my successes and failures. I teach my students how accounting is used in the everyday business atmosphere, and teach them the newest and greatest concepts, along with the best career opportunities. I am a proponent of technology; from the use of online accounting labs, video lecture series, case studies, and the use of top journal research submissions. My classes provide little standing lecture time; instead, students are applying conceptual and inquiry-based learning.

Personal Diversity

Not every student walks out of high school ready for the college experience. Our lives take us in various directions, and regardless of our path, if we want to learn we will look for the educational institution that will support our goals and our flexibility. During my tenure at Wenzhou-Kean University, I was teaching Chinese students where English is their second language. Their degree is based on the accreditation and credentials of a U.S. university. I have been able to teach concepts where there are no recognizable prior concepts from prior learning. Imagine teaching a class of young adult Chinese students the U.S. Federal Tax code where they are able to complete a full 1040 correctly. My personal diversity is being able to adapt to my surroundings and provide clear and direct instruction in a safe, respectful, and participative environment.

Statement of Diversity: About Me
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